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Our Services

This service involves us helping you imagine what is possible for your project, and what you can build on your site within any parameters that may exist either physical or financial.

We undertake basic measured surveys for commercial buildings and units. Topographical and detailed building services are carried our specialists and we can arrange for this.

We can draw up plans to cover any special elements needed for commercial builds, including Accessibility Plans, Lease Plans & Land Registry Plans. 



Planning permission can be complex and sensible, effective planning advice is essential to secure valuable planning permission the first time around.  Our experience and understanding of the planning system, means each project we submit has the best possible chance of gaining planning permission, which is of considerable value to our clients.

3D modelling in the design process – see your project come to life.  A detailed 3D model can help both a Client and contractor to achieve the exact design. 

We can prepare full building regulation drawings and construction specifications for projects.  Our technical knowledge informs our design at planning stage such that what we design can be built.

We work closely with a number of local structural engineers and therefore can provide structural calculations and design for projects of all sizes, whether it is an internal alteration, loft conversion, basement, swimming pool or a new build.

The Party Wall Act governs building works in relation to site boundaries: what you are allowed to do with a shared wall, and how foundations should be constructed when close to a boundary.  You will need to reach an agreement with any neighbours, typically in the form of a Party Wall Award, prior to undertaking any works.

CDM 2015 now covers both Commercial and Domestic projects and we can advise your requirements and responsibilities as a client under these regulations.

We can produce a fully comprehensive and detailed set of construction information and schedules/specifications etc in enough detail to obtain a fixed price for the works from contractors.

We can advise on contract administration issues. A strong contract can protect our clients and contractors during the construction phase from issues that may cause delays and extra cost. 

We work closely with other associated professionals within the planning and design process that are integral to any development.